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Megan Woods - Country/Rock Music Artist

Hailing from New Zealand and now a prominent figure in the Australian country music scene since 2013,

Megan Woods is making waves with her heartfelt country sound.

Bursting onto the scene in May 2022 with her debut single "Shirt On The Floor," Megan swiftly garnered attention, clinching two prestigious awards at the Dotted Eight Music Awards later that year.

The following chapter unfolded with "I Just Want To Be," her second single released in June of 2023, where her music embraced a rock-infused note inspired by her experience with a Melissa Etheridge tribute show. This evolution epitomizes Megan's commitment to molding her sound with versatility and authenticity.

Drawing inspiration from iconic country figures like Dolly Parton, The Chicks. Along with other artist like Jewel, Pink and Melissa Etheridge 

Megan's musical voyage is underscored by her commanding voice—a magnetic force that holds audiences spellbound. The fusion of rock-tinged country melodies and poignant narratives renders her sound unforgettable. Collaborations with accomplished musicians have lent a unique essence to her artistry, solidifying her as an artist with an unmistakable style.

Megan's achievements extend beyond awards, encompassing captivating live performances at various venues across the central west. Her music reverberates with the essence of country life, portraying her experiences as a devoted mother and wife seeking solace and liberation amid life's demands.

Guided by her family's support and her unwavering determination, Megan's music is a testament to the power of dreams and hard work. She's not only inspiring her own family but also paying homage to the aspirations of the young girl who first picked up a guitar.

Megan's journey has seen her collaborate with talented professionals, the likes of Craig Honeysett at the Dotted Eight Studo in Orange NSW and create an engaging music video for "Shirt On The Floor." Her remarkable wins at the Dotted Eight Music Awards in 2022 underscore her rising prominence within the country music sphere.

If you wish to book Megan for any up and coming event, please be sure to reach out. 

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